-where is it?

Piedmont is in the far north of Italy, at the edge of the Po Plain. The Po River extends from the Maritime Alps to the Adriatic Sea. The Po Plain is surrounded by mountains on three sides and sunshine from the fourth. It has a sunny climate with little precipitation since the mountains block the bad weather from the west and north. Piedmont is the second largest inland region with approximately 4.5 million inhabitants.

Piedmont is the world's best wine district, with brands such as Barbaresco and Barolo and, not least, Barbera wines, which are the most popular wines in our district. These are some of the world's biggest brands of red wines, which many would say are comparable with Champagne and Bordeaux.

Piedmont has a fantastic cuisine which knows how to make good use of seasonal products. The interior is known for its famous Parma Ham, which is the best in the world. Some specialities we can mention are 'Vitello Tonato' calf and tuna fish. 'Brassato', slow roast/boiled beef in red wine. 'Fritto Misto', which is a mix of different types of meat deep fried. 'Agnolotti', which is pasta stuffed with a filling of meat and pureed vegetables. A typical lunch or dinner here often consists of three or four Antipasti (starters), perhaps two Primo (side dishes), Sekondo (main dish) and to finish, Dolce (dessert). There is wine with the food and coffee and grappa to finish, for those who would like, or can manage it. The normal price for a meal of this kind is between 30 and 50 Euros, but you can also order single dishes at most restaurants.

Proximity to airports:
Milan Linate - autostrada A7- approximately 150 km - 1 hour 30 min Milan Malpensa - autostrada A26 / A4 approximately 150 km - 1 hour 40 min Torino Caselle - autostrada A21 - about 104 km - 1 hour 10 min Bergamo Orio Al Serio - autostrada A4 / A7- about 200 km - 2 hours Côte d'Azur Nice - autostrada A10 / A26 - about 270 km - 2 hours 50 min

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